About Us

Diverse swimsuit models

Here at Subject Swim, we believe so deeply that if women can feel truly confident, even in our most vulnerable moments, we can change the world.

For many women, the act of buying and wearing a swim suit is a dark spot in an otherwise bright and confident life. It triggers a lifetime of body shame, of comparison to the images of long legged, sexy models that dominate our culture of fashion and beauty, of feeling like we are not pretty, skinny, athletic, or “sexy” enough to be seen.

Subject Swim aims to shift the paradigm of this industry that feeds a cycle of women feeling badly about themselves. We are not the objects of men's expectations of perfection, we are the subjects of our own rich stories and we are as powerful as the ocean herself.

What makes our swimwear feminist? We’re glad you asked!

  1. Our designs are made to empower women to feel confident in their own skin. More coverage (raise your hand if you ever wished for a swimsuit that just covered your butt!!) but still stylish enough to keep you from feeling frumpy. Plus, we are size inclusive, offering suits for women sizes XS - 3X.

  2. We’ve got women in charge! We are a woman founded, owned and operated brand. And we will be making our swimwear ethically, at a women-owned and operated factory in the United States that pays their workers a living wage.

  3. We believe in supporting women everywhere. That’s why we are committed to donating a percentage of our sales to benefit organizations that are working to build confidence in women and girls around the world, through education, training and community.